5+1 mistakes you should not make as a TikTok content producer

Don’t overcomplicate content production for TikTok, and don’t make big mistakes right from the start. Try to avoid these 5 mistakes to reach as many people as possible with your videos and acquire as many customers as possible. 

For each error, I also show a possible solution that you can use to eliminate them.

You strive for perfection too much

It’s hard to let go of the pressure to publish the best video possible on the internet. However, TikTok is the best platform to relax our obsession with excessive perfection. Initially, our phone will be suitable for video recording and minimal post-production. 

You don’t need professional cameras or perfect lighting here compared to YouTube. For videos, ensure that the approximately 15 seconds you post are sufficiently exciting.

You don’t take advantage of the opportunities provided by TikTok (trends, hashtags, captions, audio)

TikTok has many editing options that you can easily use to get more people to see your video. 

  • Just like on Instagram, use hashtags here. 
  •  If there is nothing to say in your video and the visual appearance is the most important thing, it is still good if there are sometimes subtitles. In the case of videos, it’s good if you can affect as many senses as possible, so make sure to use the subtitle option within the app. If you appear on camera and share your opinion, it is good if there is always a caption underneath. 
  •  TikTok is based on audio and its use, so be sure to use trendy sounds and music. This help to make your video more likely to be on the For You page. You can find trendy audio among the TikTok recommendations by scrolling through the Neked page or on the tokboard.com website. 
  •  Occasionally try to adapt the current trends/hashtag challenges to yourself! 

You post your content produced on other social media without changes

You don’t go to a casual meeting with friends in a suit, and you don’t use business terms with your friends, do you? The same is true for various social media platforms. Don’t post a 3-minute YouTube video on TikTok; don’t create a TikTok video from your hottest Instagram posts. Spend a few hours on the Neked page, and see what style of content you have, what is cool, and what is hardly liked. Then draw on the experience and make your first video!

You need to post more sales content

Content production is only sometimes about selling, as with other social media platforms. Give as much value as possible (be it some educational or funny entertainment content); believe me, if your product is exciting and your service is valuable, users will bite on your offer in your sales videos. 

As a rule of thumb, you should have a maximum of 2 out of 10 videos in which you promote yourself or someone else.

You take TikTok too seriously

Users go to TikTok mainly to have fun and relax.


Have fun while producing content, do it for fun and not out of necessity. A little personality in your videos gives viewers a greater chance of connection. It will be easier if you perceive it as an opportunity to experience something new about yourself.

You’ve heard from many people that their video has gone viral, and now you’re waiting for it too.

Try to focus on what you can influence. And these are nothing but good videos and regular posting. If you are persistent enough and constantly improve content production on TikTok, the results will come.

If you have already fallen into one of these mistakes, stay aware and avoid making them next time. Be persistent and find a way to do TikTok work for you. 

This is also just a way to make your brand even better known. If you are a service entrepreneur, want to build an individual brand, or sell online, this interface is definitely for you!

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