8 Important Tips for Administering a Facebook Fan Page

Below is a helpful list of the most important strategies to follow when creating and managing a Facebook fan page. 

As we have written before, fan pages are a brilliant opportunity for marketing or simply promoting your business, idea or personal image. 

For many years, they have been approaching the concept of a “second main site”, due to their strong indexing in search engines and their fundamentally open platform. Here are some really important things:

  1. Choosing an appropriate name. Several elements are particularly significant here. It is best if the name matches exactly the name of the company or brand you are promoting. If you have taken up an idea or building an image – forget the extremes. SEO tricks, including as wide an assortment of relevant terms as possible in the name, will not help you. On the contrary – the name will look like advertising and your fans will not want to share it with their friends. Indexing will be fine without such methods as long as you gather fans. They are your real plus by linking to you. The other extreme – choosing something general like “Free time”, “Ice drinks” and the like will bring you faster popularity, but not build your brand’s or idea’s specific image. The moment you try to change this, your fans will get annoyed and lose trust in the page. Be brief, unambiguous, and honest.
  2. Choose the most appropriate URL for your page that is free. This is where SEO practice is important. The stronger segment keywords you can target, the better. This will inevitably affect you. Be sure to use the opportunity to optimize your link to the page, removing the unnecessary and adjusting the goals of the name with the goals of SEO positioning. You can do it at www.facebook.com/username/. It is important to note that changing the URL has changing requirements. Last May was the presence of at least 100 fans.
  3. Use the potential of the “Info” section. Here you can include keywords and links that are considered relevant to the page. Include everything that is important to you about the type of page – from fan page mission, address, other direct link sites, affiliations, ideas, product/service review, contacts… These things are only for your benefit.
  4. Create “Static FBML” boxes. You can do it from here. Few people use them, and they are priceless. You can add an app of your choice, but this is also the best place to put more targeted content with more direct links. Be sure to take a detailed look!
  5. Post direct links to your website properly and often. You have two main options: 1. To include URLs when updating statuses; 2. Include URLs as attachments when sharing on Facebook from the profile.
  6. Use the “About” text box. This is the most important place on the page after the title. Because of the layout of the fan pages and the chosen design, this box is in the highest place in the CSS structure. From an SEO point of view, think about exactly what you want to say and stick to 250 characters – that’s the limit. Save the words.
  7. Add a discussion forum with key topics, photos with annotations, and videos with descriptions. The mentioned elements contribute a lot to the indexing. Don’t miss the golden opportunity, to be specific!
  8. The most important element is to gather more fans and get them active. Each new fan is a unique link to your page. Every comment or like adds to the power of your page. It also counts from stats (fan pages have stats unlike groups), increasing its rank. Nothing can make up for what fans give you. They are your most powerful marketing weapon.
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