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Amazon has made it easy for you to register as a seller. You register easily and free of charge on the largest marketplace in the world and can place your products in Seller Central. Now around 44 million customers can snatch your products from your fingers. That would certainly be the dream of every Amazon seller. 

Unfortunately, the reality is different because if you don’t optimize your listing, absolutely nothing will happen. Reason: Your potential customers cannot find you and your products.

It is important to know that Amazon, like Google, works with its own algorithm. The so-called Amazon A9 algorithm sorts the search results of the product search. Of course, sorting at Amazon isn’t a trip into the blue. 

Since Amazon naturally wants customers to see the products most relevant to their search query at the top, the predefined and highly complex scheme is working diligently in the background. It is important to remember that Amazon receives a commission for every product sold.

The good news: As an Amazon seller, you have control of the most important factors that influence the ranking. The main aim is to optimize the following points:

  • Title
  • Bullet Points
  • Product description
  • The product images
  • Keywords

Unfortunately, most Amazon sellers don’t bother with their rankings. So do it better from the start. Before you list your products on Amazon and eventually give up out of frustration from missing sales, you should deal with the most important ranking factors and learn the optimization potential. 

Starting with this knowledge, even as a beginner, lay the best foundation for gaining initial visibility. The more conscientious you work here, the better you will rank and consequently sell more.


Imagine you buy something on Amazon and can’t wait for your order to get to you. Finally, the doorbell rings and you tear open your package full of anticipation. What follows is probably experienced by countless Amazon customers every day. 

You want to put the product into operation and… it’s broken, it doesn’t meet your expectations, the first parts have broken off or the smell of plastic almost brings tears to your eyes.

Product quality is not a matter of course at Amazon. Many Amazon sellers sell goods from Asia, which you can obtain cheaply from e-commerce platforms such as Alibaba and Co. This often looks particularly interesting for beginners on Amazon because the tiresome search for suppliers with good conditions is simply no longer necessary.

There is certainly nothing wrong with purchasing goods from these parts of the world per se – if the quality is right. Before you order large quantities of goods for resale on Amazon and then find out that the quality is poor, first send yourself a sample. Individual orders are usually also possible.

Quality assurance is certainly a real challenge, but it is one of the most important factors for you to be successful as an Amazon seller. Why? Because a high return rate and negative product and seller ratings have an unfavourable effect on the ranking and the conversion rate falls as a result. 

If this happens, sales will also plummet. And once your account has been drawn into this vicious circle, it is difficult to polish the image again.

Therefore, the search heroes clearly advise you to rely on high-quality products right from the start. You may have to invest a little more, but it will pay off in the long run. You can also negotiate with Asian and Chinese dealers at any time. 

A visit on-site can also be worthwhile if you are really serious as an Amazon seller. Alternatively, there is the option of commissioning an expert with the visit who is also familiar with business practices and speaks the language.


Even if it’s a dry topic: Find out about the legal framework before your first sale as an Amazon seller. Amazon has defined regulations and rules here that you must adhere to. Ignorance does not protect against punishment and so violations are severely punished.

An example: You want to offer electronic goods, you have entered your imprint, the general terms and conditions, the cancellation policy and the data protection declaration neatly and legally. However, what about the battery law that you are obliged to publish?

Another tip: As an Amazon seller, familiarize yourself with the program and sales guidelines of the marketplace. Here you will find numerous tips on how you can act in the spheres of the provider.

Always remember that competition at Amazon is high and other competitors are just waiting to report their competitors’ violations of the guidelines. Lay a secure legal foundation right from the start.


The tax thing. Yes, you can’t avoid it here either. If you shop abroad and sell your goods from Germany, you have to deal with tax and customs issues. Since e-commerce has gone global, tax matters can quickly become a major challenge for laypeople.

Therefore, look for an expert who can advise you as a new Amazon seller on tax matters.


At Amazon, you have the option of putting together so-called bundles for your customers instead of just offering them individual products. These are bundles of items that complement each other in a useful way. This allows you to make your sales volume and the product more attractive to customers with a volume discount.

On Amazon, you face a lot of competition in every area. This is also reflected in the fact that there is only one listing for each EAN, which all sellers share for precisely these products. For each bundle that you put together, you will receive your own EAN number and your own listing, which you can determine and optimize yourself with content, which can significantly improve the conversion rate. Another advantage: Reduced fees thanks to one package when several products are sold at the same time. touchdown!


Who doesn’t love gifts and surprises? If you enrich your customers with extras, you can easily increase your conversion rate and thus increase your sales. At the same time, you stand out positively from the competition and can sell similar products more easily.

You should rely on valuable gadgets. Anything that makes handling your main product easier is ideally suited for this. Such additional gifts are usually in the cent range. The trust you get as an Amazon seller is so priceless and chances are you’ll get a positive review.

Equally suitable are guidelines, checklists and e-books, which help the customer to learn how to use your product more quickly or to discover additional, special features. These are simply sent by e-mail and you have a cost-neutral bonus that creates added value for your customers. You can also advertise your gifts in the listing.


At the start of your Amazon seller career, you must accept that your visibility will be low. Therefore, a good tip is to use the option of sponsored products. These are paid ads that get one of the top spots on Amazon and are therefore primarily clicked.

These are comparable to Google Ads and Facebook Ads. You only pay when a click occurs. You set the maximum price yourself.

If you want to get the ball rolling on Amazon, you shouldn’t do without Sponsored Products. Otherwise, the path is too long and there is a great danger of giving up if there is no turnover. As soon as your products are in demand and you slowly but steadily rise in the ranking, you can invest the budget in other measures.


Even if it feels like being an Amazon seller, you are not moving on an isolated star in the big online universe – quite the opposite. In no case should you forget about advertising measures on other platforms? The aim should be to generate traffic outside of Amazon and thus boost the listing.

Building social media is important. The best way to reach your target group is on Facebook, Instagram and Co. or use the influence of influencers. You can also place ads here.


Amazon has a variety of useful tools ready for you. Here you get an overview of all your data, so you can evaluate and analyze it and optimize your Amazon performance with targeted measures. In any case, the Amazon tools offer you a number of advantages.

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