Best Amazon affiliate plugins for WP compared

The best WordPress plugins for affiliates and partners of the Amazon partner network

Many bloggers and website operators earn their daily bread by integrating different articles and products from Amazon and other affiliate partnerships. Since the majority of these niche sites and blogs use the very popular content management system “WordPress”, various Amazon affiliate plugins have been integrated among affiliate marketers over time. 

These include very good WordPress affiliate plugins for easy entry into the world of affiliate marketing, as well as professional and fully automated solutions that fully automatically integrate product data and images into the website via the Amazon API interface.

However, you should be careful with some of the Amazon affiliate plugins from my comparison. Not all WordPress plugins are unreservedly recommended for marketing items on Amazon. So to make sure you get off to a good start, in this article I will compare the best and most popular Amazon affiliate plugins for the easy integration of product boxes, product tables and individual products.

Amazon Affiliate WordPress-Plugin (AAWP)

Ready to get started? With the best plugin for Amazon affiliates

USD49 For a website (domain)

  •  Works with all WordPress themes
  •  Responsive views (PC, mobile and tablet)
  •  Different designs for good conversions
  •  Comparison charts and product boxes
Best Amazon Affiliate Plugins For Wp Compared
Best Amazon Affiliate Plugins For Wp Compared

My Favorite Amazon Affiliate Plugin: Perfect for all blogs and niche sites

With the use of the AAWP plugin (Amazon Affiliate Plugin for WordPress), I was able to significantly increase my earnings as an affiliate marketer. I have tried many different plugins and can report from my own experience that the WordPress plugin from AAWP was my best solution compared to other Amazon plugins for affiliates. The installation and the simple use round off my experience as an affiliate in a very positive way.

Why the AAWP plugin for WordPress is my favourite

The AAWP plugin is probably used most frequently by website owners who want to earn money with their websites by integrating products. A few years ago, the Contentegg plugin was still the top dog among affiliate marketers and Amazon partner network users. 

With the update to the new Amazon API 5.0, however, it became completely chargeable, which annoyed some users and tempted them to switch. While the Pro version of Contentegg is still very useful today, if I had to choose between the AAWP plugin and the Contentegg, I would choose the AAWP plugin for a variety of reasons.

This is not only due to the low entry price compared to the other Amazon affiliate plugins, but much more to the very easy integration of products and the really attractive-looking placement options.

No matter which products I am reporting on in a review or a post on my website, I can insert the AAWP plugin for easy integration of Amazon products for any topic with just a few taps. Colour and content such as the display of the Prime logo, images or individual texts are created very quickly. 

Random products and leaderboards can also be implemented and inserted anywhere on the website without any effort. Whether in the widget area, in the footer or between the paragraphs in a blog post. 

Linking and earning money as an affiliate partner with product offers from Amazon has never been easier than it is today.

Best Amazon Affiliate Plugins For Wp Compared

This is an excerpt from a blog post about electronics: Using a Product Integration with the AAWP Plugin. Layout adjustments and colour design can be flexibly configured.

As a new Amazon Associate, it’s best to start right from the start with the AAWP plugin for WordPress

It is best to use an Amazon affiliate plugin right from the start. In retrospect, it can be very tedious to edit every post on your blog or every single page on your website in order to integrate affiliate products later. 

In my own posts, I didn’t notice any difference in the impressions and clicks from the ranking in the search engines. Whether or not I marketed an affiliate product from post creation or landing page creation made no difference to my search engine rankings.

However, it is easy to imagine that the integration of too many affiliate links and products as an affiliate partner on a single page can have a negative effect on the ranking. 

The search engines could possibly classify this as spam. That’s why I strongly advise against Amazon plugins for WordPress that generate automated ref links and are automatically inserted within your text. Furthermore, I would always add a “NoFollow attribute” to the links. The AAWP plugin for WordPress allows such a setting directly within the configuration. This is really very useful!

My recommendation for using an Amazon affiliate plugin: Use appealing elements such as comparison tables or product boxes and always choose the most suitable products that match the content of your post or page. This naturally also increases the conversion rate and automatically leads to more sales and growing income.

Can I increase my Amazon Associates earnings with an affiliate plugin for WordPress?

It is and remains an interesting question whether you can increase your earnings by using an Amazon affiliate plugin for WordPress. My answer is based solely on my own experience and it is: Absolutely!

In the Amazon partner network, the dashboard for affiliate marketers on the Amazon platform, you can view the products you have ordered and the conversion directly. 

What kind of conversion should be achieved depends of course on the advertised products and the selected category. In my case, I was able to achieve an average conversion of over 12% by using affiliate plugins for Amazon. To put it in words: 12 out of 100 clicks lead to a qualified sale of a product I advertised.

In summary, I can say that the affiliate income sometimes also depends on the selection of the right Amazon affiliate plugin. Regardless of the plugin itself, an investment in a good WordPress plugin usually pays for itself quickly. The AAWP plugin enables a cheap and easy entry into the world of affiliate marketing.

Which WordPress plugin is the best for affiliate marketing from an Amazon Associates perspective?

Which plugin from my comparison is best suited for selling products from the Amazon shopping portal certainly depends on many factors. 

Whether it’s an affiliate blog or an affiliate niche site. All Amazon plugins can be used individually and well. At present, however, I find the AAWP best. The plugin installation is relatively easy, and the support is quick to help with problems. In my practical tests on mobile devices, the affiliate plugins from AzonPress and ContentEgg sometimes resulted in non-responsive tables and product comparisons, which are not very conducive to sales.

But (always a but, right?), the price for the Amazon affiliate plugin remains interesting: AzonPress from WPManageNinja. If you would like to find out more about the areas of application of the respective plugins, it is best to visit the websites of the manufacturers. All plugin providers have been linked above for comparison.

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Rough decision-making aid for choosing an Amazon affiliate plugin for WordPress websites and blogs

Finally, I would like to help you with some questions and answers in choosing a good affiliate plugin for WordPress sites. Sometimes it can also be worth working with more than one affiliate plugin per website. This is the only way you can personally find out which plugin for the integration of Amazon products is the best choice for you.

Would you like to use a 90-day cookie for Amazon?

Then the AmaLinks Pro plugin might be of interest to you.

Do you prefer very good-looking product comparisons and product boxes?

The AAWP plugin should be perfect for your needs.

Don’t have access to Amazon API 5.0?

The AmaLinks Pro plugin can also be used without API access.

Don’t want to spend a lot of money on a plugin?

The AzonPress plugin costs by far the least and is especially good for people who want to start with as little spending as possible.

Is service in various languages important to you?

Then the AAWP plugin will meet your expectations to your complete satisfaction.

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