Create a member area: 8 advantages for your website

A member’s area is a separate and password-protected area on a website in which certain content is made available either free of charge or for a fee. Customers can only use this separate and exclusive area if they receive access data for it.

If you want to create a members area and offer it for free, the overall goal is to build a community and create a community through continuous content. Another option is the fee-based members’ area, where the first priority is of course, additional income. So if you want to monetize your area, you can either think about a subscription model or collect money from your customers with a one-time fee.

In addition, you can create a member area and offer a multi-level system. Maybe you just want to collect valuable leads for now. You can do this if you “only” ask for data such as the e-mail address in stage 1.

You can send your customers valuable and exclusive information or offers. Not paying a fee could be an essential first incentive for customers. If you entice them with other products or services, you can offer these customers a fee-based member area in stage 2. If they show interest, the step to your member area is not too big. Now the only challenge is the content of the member’s area.

Create member area: The content

To convince customers of your member area, you should offer attractive content. Depending on which business you have and which industry you are in, different content is suitable. You can offer the following content in a member area:

  • eBooks and white papers
  • Online courses, webinars and videos
  • photos
  • Books
  • merchandise products
  • Info posts such as checklists, guides, tutorials, plans, templates, and samples
  • Perks, discounts, offers of products, tools, and programs
  • Quizzes, tests, and exams

The advantages: 8 reasons why you should create a member’s area

Creating a members area on your website can have several benefits for you. We would like to explain in more detail why it is worthwhile.

1. Low initial cost

To begin with, a member’s area means low costs. Compared to the work or the time you spend, you get a relatively large benefit or profit through leads, sales, and the goal of long-term customer loyalty.

2. Content Exploitation

In addition to exclusive products, you can use certain services and offers again. For example, if you held a live webinar, you can permanently offer the recording of the video as bonus material in the member area. A member’s area is, therefore, perfect for using certain content again.

3. Source of Income

A member’s area is always an additional source of income. Especially if you offer a subscription model and your members pay their fees regularly. But then you should also ensure that you always offer new and high-quality content to create a lasting incentive for your customers.

4. Exclusive customer care

Creating a members area allows you to offer more intensive customer support without actually dealing with anyone personally. Because of the character of exclusivity that a members’ area can radiate in the sense of a VIP club, customers feel valued. Depending on how personally or personalized the member area is designed for your customers, a feeling of belonging and loyalty can develop. This also significantly strengthens customer loyalty.

5. Promote new products

A member area is an ideal platform to advertise new products or services and provide customers with information. Since the basic attitude of the members towards your company is positive anyway, you can sell your products on a much more lucrative basis. Here you don’t have to convince anyone of your business or even explain what the advantages are.

6. Different Content

Another advantage is the use of different media formats. Whether physical or digital, moving images or text – you can offer a wide range of products in the member area. This, in turn, results in a large selection of content for your members.

7. Automatic payment processing possible

Depending on which tool or software you work with, payment processing can be very easy and automatic. Further programming knowledge is not required when working with tool providers.

8. Community empowerment

If you also offer the possibility for exchange between members in your member area, you can strengthen a community. Because logically, all members have the same interests in certain areas and thus form a community. This sense of belonging not only strengthens the relationships between members but also between you and customers. This point can also have a positive effect on customer loyalty.

You can use various providers to create a members’ area on your website or blog. On the one hand, you can use various membership plugins if you already use a website via WordPress. On the other hand, you can also use complete solutions for online course platforms, such as Udemy, Teachable or Digimember.

To orientate yourself in the jungle of providers and to be able to decide on one, you should carefully consider in advance which functions, features, and conditions are required. In addition, there are many international providers – you should also think about this since the English language of the course platform could pose a possible barrier for some customers if you are targeting France, India, or something like that, where the people are less likely to speak English.

Conclusion: create a member area with exclusive content

A member’s area – no matter what kind of business you have – has almost exclusively advantages. Because you offer your customers a lucrative incentive, you can offer content in the member area (such as webinars etc.) permanently after publication and secure a scalable income.

You can also let your customers grow into a community and offer them real added value and a VIP feeling. The investment is worthwhile even if you use platforms to create your member area and initially have costs.


Create Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the member area

What is a members area?


A member’s area is a separate and password-protected area on a website in which certain content is made available either free of charge or for a fee. This separate and exclusive area can therefore only be used by customers if they receive the access data for it.

What content can I offer in a member area?


In order to convince customers of your member area, you should offer attractive content. In principle, you can offer products such as e-books, videos, online courses, checklists, templates or tutorials in a member area.

What are the advantages of a member area?


1. Low initial cost
2. Content Exploitation
3. Source of Income
4. Exclusive customer care
5. Promote new products
6. Different Content
7. Automatic payment processing possible
8. Community empowerment

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