Get a website built: Fiverr’s complete 2022 guide

#1 Determine the scope of the website

A hackneyed sentence, but it’s true: not all websites are the same. On the one hand, there are simple online business cards that don’t (have to) do much. On the other hand, complex masterpieces with thousands of subpages and interactive elements. And of course everything in between.

But which scope suits you now? We present a few options.

The minimum: the one-pager

The simplest website consists of a single (content) page. A few elements should definitely be found on it:

  • Brief introduction of your company
  • Your product or service
  • A contact form

You can expand this minimum as you wish, for example with product advantages, references, customer reviews and the like.

Each page also includes a data protection declaration and an imprint. But they count extra, even with a one-pager.

The classic: the company website

Most companies build a website with around 3 to 5 pages:

  • The homepage (start page), provides a brief overview and links to the subpages.
  • An “About Us” that introduces your story, values ​​and expertise.
  • One or more pages are dedicated to each service or product individually.
  • A contact page
  • Maybe an FAQ, a case study, or other special pages.

You see: The same elements as in the one-pager, only spread out a bit and more detailed.

For content marketing: the blog

You regularly update your website with new content via a blog. Google likes this. The search engine will then show you to more people and your website will get the attention it deserves.

It doesn’t take a lot of work to set up a blog. Most professionals can, and do, do this, but you should know it upfront.

For e-commerce: The webshop

A shop allows you to sell your products directly from your website. This is a bit more complex: After all, the customer has to create a shopping cart and be able to pay securely while the transactions reach you automatically. In most cases, however, it is worthwhile because you save on the commissions to Amazon and Co.

Our tip: Start small! Getting your website done is a big project. As you know, something always goes wrong. If you start small, you can approach it cautiously – and expanding afterwards is relatively uncomplicated.

#2 Select platform

Most websites are built on WordPress. WordPress is a content management system. This means that if you have your website designed using WordPress, you can easily add content such as text, photos and the like yourself (or have it added). There are also alternatives like Joomla! or TYPO3. Our guide will show you which CMS is right for you.

The other option would be building your website from scratch program allow. A completely unique website beckons. However, this is extremely complex. High four and five-digit amounts are waiting for you.

danger: If you need a web shop, you have to plan for special software. There are systems like WooCommerce that you can connect to WordPress. Or very own platforms like Shopify. The best thing to do is to ask your web designer what they can recommend. on Fiverr there are shop developers who have specialized in exactly that.

#3 Prepare website

Having your website designed does not mean that you have a finished website. In principle, the website is just the framework. The content you fill it with is important.


Do you already have a name for your company? And a logo? What about colours, fonts, etc.? It is important for web design that these elements are already in place. Otherwise, the web designer won’t know what style to give the page.


Your homepage needs texts, pictures, and maybe also videos. It might be worth having these made by different experts. freelancers Fiverr help you with every step. Your web design service then assembles them into a finished website.

domain and hosting

The domain is the address of your website, something like Finding the right domain is a science in itself.

You also need a hosting server. It provides the computing power that occurs when people interact with your web presence – the engine, so to speak. We show you some good providers here.

legal texts

Privacy Policy, Cookies, Imprint: Every website has some legal text. They should fit your company exactly. Standard packets from the Internet, on the other hand, are dangerous. A law firm can help you.

Some website services offer the full package, while others just specialize in web design. That’s why you should know right from the start what you want to take over yourself, hand over to other experts or have the website service do.

#4 Budget planning

Okay, let’s talk about the money. Unfortunately, it hardly works without it – except, you create your own website.

How much does it cost to have a website built?

Counter question: How much does a holiday cost? Of course, it depends. You will find providers who build cheap sites for a few hundred euros. There is hardly any upper limit. It is best to ask for a rough price range at the very beginning so as not to waste time.

Also, note monthly costs

In addition to the one-off costs, you will also have ongoing expenses. For example for the hosting and the domain. That’s a few euros a month. In addition, a long-term contract with the web designer could make sense: he regularly revises the site, bringing it up to date and keeping it bug-free.

#5 Freelancer or agency?

You are spoiled for choice.

One Agency consists of several people working together on your website. You get the best from experts in design, programming, text, SEO and Co. Agencies are usually more expensive than freelancers. In addition, you pay for project management to coordinate the team.

freelancers take care of your website on their own. The advantage: You work closely and transparently with a single person who knows exactly what you have in mind. In addition, freelancers are often a bit cheaper. By combining multiple freelancers, you get the same services as you would from an agency and save on project coordination expenses.

#6 Find vendors to develop your website

You now know what you want and what you need. But where are the people who can implement this?

on Fiverr, you will find talented freelancers who will take care of the creation of your website. Both all-in-one services and specialists from which you can freely put together your team. As with online shopping, you search and filter providers according to budget, duration and your ideas. Compare the providers with ratings and pay a transparent fixed price for your project. Discover website freelancers now on Fiverr.

It’s also worth checking out acquaintances’ and colleagues’ experiences to ask. Maybe they can recommend good providers for you.

Tip: Make a list of three to five providers that you compare more closely.

#7 Compare providers

Of course, your gut feeling counts. And at first glance, you can sort out some service providers that are too expensive or don’t suit your style. Before you decide, however, you should take a closer look:

  • Let me show you references. Do you enjoy working for other clients?
  • Look for reviews. What do former customers say about the providers?
  • Compare expertise. How and where did the provider gain experience?
  • Pay attention to transparency. Is the offer clearly formulated or are there vague statements?
  • Ask for a second opinion. What does your colleague say about the offer?

on Fiverr the comparison is easy. The level system shows you at a glance how much experience the providers have. Star ratings, as you know them from online shops, complete the picture. Thanks to the specified packages, you also know exactly what services you can expect for what price.

In addition, some aspects should be standard in 2022. Be sure to talk about whether the site:

  • is mobile-optimized, so it also works well on smartphones.
  • Is responsive, i.e. adapts to the size of the screen.
  • loads fast – check the load time of the reference pages with the Google tool.
  • connected to Google Search Console and Google Analytics to generate insightful data.

Do you have a favourite? Then clarify the last details in the next step.

#8 Before the collaboration

Now there are only contractual things that could cause the cooperation to fail. In the last conversation you should clarify:

  • Whether you keep the usage rights even after the collaboration with the web designer ends.
  • What is the liability for imprint and co. looks like.
  • Whether it stays with the fixed price or how the costs can still change.
  • How many revisions are included in the price?

Everything is right? Then it starts! Now it will probably take a few weeks until your homepage is set up.

But even then it’s not finished. Because a good website is constantly improving.

#9 Optimize website

In order to fully exploit the potential of your new online presence, you should constantly expand and work on it.

By blogging, you ensure that more and more people click on your website. Here are a few ideas on how to find topics.

Whether people actually find your website depends on how well it ranks on Google. Search engine optimization and marketing help to increase the rating.

Have a professional website created on Fiverr

Whether it’s a homepage, landing page or your own webshop: There are experts from Germany and around the world on Fiverr who can implement your ideas. Work alongside emerging talent or trust our handpicked ones Fiverr Pros. We have collected providers that might be of interest to you. Register now for free and take the first step towards your new website today!

As a small bonus information, I want to mention that I regular makes a few affiliate sites and webshops for private clients, so if you are interested, naturally you can try reaching out.

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