Maintaining and optimizing an affiliate website – 12 tips

To conclude my series of articles, I will provide practical tips on how best to approach the maintenance and optimization of an affiliate website in order to increase revenue.

As a rule, an affiliate website needs a certain amount of time and additional maintenance and optimization to become successful. Simply putting the affiliate website online and waiting for success and revenue is not a good idea.

In the following, I also describe my own important experiences and I am very much looking forward to reading your opinion in the comments.

It is of course possible to proceed according to the “Fire and Forget” method. You just create one affiliate site

* and just let it plod along after completion.

This may bring you a few euros without having to do anything, but of course, you don’t get the most out of your affiliate website in terms of rankings, traffic and income.

  1. Instead, I recommend the following “maintenance work”: You should regularly add additional text to your affiliate website to expand the scope of content and keyword coverage.
  2. In this way, you can also keep your website up-to-date and create further ranking possibilities. Google also likes regularly updated websites and new content. You should take care to remove outdated information in your articles and pages, or at least revise and update them.It would be a pity if you bring visitors to your website and then they find outdated information there, such as campaigns that are no longer running. This damages trust and significantly lowers the conversion rate. Quite apart from the fact that these visitors do not come back and have no other positive effects, such as backlinks.
  3. Maintenance and Optimization of an Affiliate Website – Onpage SEOOf course, you should always make sure to update outdated affiliate links or banners.
  4. Maintenance and optimization of an affiliate website – affiliate linksFrom time to time you should also update the technology of your website. This is also part of the care.
  5. Maintenance and optimization of an affiliate website – loading time
  6. There are also always new plugins that offer great functions. It might be worth trying something new every now and then. If the affiliate website gets more and more visitors, later it might be necessary to change hosting.
  7. It would be tragic if you lost commissions because the loading times collapsed or the affiliate website is not accessible at all. The layout of your affiliate website is certainly not as important as with other websites. However, here too, at least with a successful affiliate website, you should refresh yourself every now and then and improve or even change the theme so that the website does not look outdated at some point. So lately I’ve been running a lot of websites on the awesome WordPress theme GeneratePress.

Optimization of an affiliate website

  1. In order to increase the income of your affiliate website, you have to regularly optimize the revenue streams and advertising material. So it could be that over time, new suitable partner programs will appear that bring interesting advertising material, contain special offers or simply offer higher commissions.
  2. You should test these against the existing partner programs and switch to the new ones if necessary. You should also test the affiliate links themselves from time to time.
  3. Does Banner A or Banner B work better? Where is an affiliate link clicked more often? You can carry out such tests with simple split tests. Google provides the online tool Google Optimize is a free tool for that. But you can also manually implement split tests and clicks on banners and affiliate links, for example with the plugin Advanced Ads TrackingMaintaining And Optimizing An Affiliate Website – 12 Tips
  4. Maintenance and optimization of an affiliate website – click on links you should expand well-performing products or topics on your own affiliate website and create new pages or articles for them. On the other hand, you can pay less attention to poorly performing products or topics in the future. With a content auditMaintaining And Optimizing An Affiliate Website – 12 Tips
  5. Content audit to optimize the content do you put Google ads advertising in order to get traffic, then you should definitely always optimize there in order to spend as little money as possible for as many good clicks as possible.

Personally, I prefer great content to attract new visitors.

Of course, the optimization of an affiliate is even more extensive and includes other tasks, so I will go into more detail in a separate article.

Conclusion on maintaining and optimizing an affiliate website

How much work do you put into your after-completion affiliate website

* You have to decide for yourself. That certainly also depends on how profitable it is and what potential it still has.

However, without maintenance and optimization, an affiliate website will certainly not exploit its full potential and will not generate as much income as it could.

I myself, have very little time to maintain one or the other affiliate website. That’s why I now reserve 1-2 days a month where I look at my existing affiliate websites, make optimizations, add new content, etc.

Some I also take care of briefly every week, others I only look at every 2-3 months. That depends on the size and importance of the website.

I wish you every success with your affiliate website.

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