Make money with Facebook – 3 ideas

Make money with Facebook? In this article, we will show you three strategies you can use to do this and explain what you need to consider when implementing them.

The online world has become increasingly social. The main reason for this is that social networks have become an integral part of our everyday lives. The best-known and most extensive network in the world is and remains Facebook. It is used by billions of people to exchange and pass the time and according to studies has about  1.79 billion users every day. We will show you how you can earn money with Facebook in addition to social exchange and what you have to consider.

Many successful companies use Facebook to present themselves and their brands professionally. Not only do you generate valuable reach, but you can also earn money with Facebook in a targeted manner. There are hardly any requirements that have to be met for this. Regardless of whether you are a private individual or a sole proprietor, in principle, anyone can make money with Facebook. All you need is an active Facebook account.

Facebook as a source of money is becoming more and more important in online business. A professional appearance and the integration of the social network into one’s own online marketing strategy can increase this potential. The fact that all users provide personal information and information relevant to commercial interests absolutely voluntarily and even gladly when registering makes it all the easier to make money with Facebook.

Three ways you can make money on Facebook

Facebook offers almost countless ways to make money. However, the actual implementation often depends on how well-known your profile is, how great the added value is for potential customers, or how much money you are willing to invest in building it up. If you want to make money as a newcomer with Facebook, you have three lucrative options:


Facebook ads are used by service providers and product providers to advertise their own offers. This measure requires a certain familiarization with the topic and the investment of a few euros. But even if you don’t have any products of your own, you can still make money with Facebook Ads by promoting the products of other companies. 

This works, for example, via so-called affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing, you can cooperate with countless partner programs from various companies and link their products to your advertisements on Facebook. If a customer buys the product you advertise through your ad, you will receive a commission.

If you have your own Facebook Page, you can also embed the link to your partner’s product in the dedicated buttons.


Another way you can make money on Facebook is through groups. You can join existing groups and earn money with Facebook by selling private products or advertising in one of the countless flea market groups. But you can also create your own group. Creating such a group is easy and does not require much time or money. 

However, expanding the community is a rather lengthy process. Facebook groups work similarly to Facebook pages and are used for the exchange of members on a predetermined topic. But beware! If you start advertising in a group too early, you may lose the trust of your community and at the same time lose valuable group members. So that you can earn money with your Facebook group, sensitivity is required:

  • First, build up a large community with over 1,000 members
  • Encourage activity and exchange within the group
  • Only place meaningful content and thus create added value for all group members
  • The advertisements should match the target group


This measure is relevant for you if you already run your own shop or website. This is how you can indirectly earn money with Facebook. You can create a Facebook profile for your company in order to generate more reach and consequently customers. A prerequisite for this is that your site is well known. But before you use them to advertise your products, you should first try attracting visitors to your site with interesting postings or videos. Pay attention to the quality of the content and create added value for your followers.

Know your target audience

The following applies to all of the above measures: If you want to make money with Facebook, know your target group. User data, which you can use perfectly to earn money with Facebook, includes information such as hobbies, taste in music, age and date of birth. But also general interests, preferences, but also gender, relationship status, sexual orientation and much more. All this information will help you to define your target group down to the smallest detail and thus address it precisely.

The Facebook algorithm will play into your hands if you know your target group exactly. Because it repeatedly shows users similar posts based on their history. With ads, you can even narrow down your target group so that the ad is only shown to your previously defined target group. The more detailed you define your target group, the smaller it becomes and the more likely it is to buy.

Making money with Facebook is different

Clumsy advertising based on the watering can principle does not work online! Therefore, targeted advertising is the art that you should learn by now at the latest in order also to use the financial Facebook. Here you have to know what is important and how to present and market yourself, your company and the products or services in a really professional way. 

Social media, and especially Facebook, isn’t about selling, so don’t just focus on the money. Think of your followers as your friends. It’s all about communication with the target group, building your own image and branding. The latter means establishing yourself as a person or brand online by maintaining your site and continue building trust.

If you want to make money with Facebook, you need to know the necessary and working mechanisms of social media marketing. 

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