Promotional items: How they can strengthen your brand

Why invest in Promotional items?

You probably have one or more items at home that have a company’s branding printed on them. If you use these items, it is inevitable that you will see this imprint again and again and you will automatically remember this company and its products or services.

This is the power of personalized gifts: they strengthen the brand in the minds of consumers and delight customers and employees. The brand is strengthened by various factors. Being present in different places is a way for your business to increase the power of the brand in the minds of consumers. It’s a small investment that will take your brand to places you can’t even imagine.

reinforcement of the brand

Memorable means to be remembered, celebrated and remarkable. When a brand offers its customers gifts that are actually useful and functional, it automatically becomes memorable and memorable. The personalized gifts not only stick in the minds of current customers but also help to make the brand name known to potential new customers.

If the goal of your marketing strategy when using gifts is solely to build branding, opt for gifts that can be taken to different places, such as pens, water bottles, bags, and notebooks.

A useful article can create an emotional connection with the consumer. A very clever option is to give away items that will be used in moments of joy, such as B. a cool box or a beer glass, a coffee mug, etc. In this way, your brand is always associated with a moment of happiness for the recipient.

type of advertising

Investing in a personalized gift is investing in long-lasting advertising. Businesses that give gifts to their customers and employees tend to stick in people’s minds for a year. Promotional items in newspapers or magazines only last as long as they are mailed. Also, you only pay once for the gift. The commercials will be broadcast for as long as you want.

customer loyalty

Keeping an existing customer is as big a challenge as acquiring new ones. Gifts are a great way to strengthen that loyalty. When making a purchase, consumers consider a number of factors: the price, the features and benefits of the product or service, the quality of the service, and identification with the brand.

In short, the complete shopping experience. When you receive gifts, customers usually rate the buying experience positively and even recommend the brand to others. Invest in strengthening your brand’s relationships with internal audiences (employees) and external audiences (prospects, customers, suppliers).

When you make your customers, suppliers, employees, or prospects feel important and unique, you generate positive feelings about your brand and strengthen the bond between it and the consumer. Building a good relationship is one of the first steps in turning your customers into fans of your brand.

The gifts strengthen relationships with customers through business deals, visits and participation in events. Also with employees, with welcome gifts when they are hired or even on their birthday.

There is even an option to personalize the gift not only with your brand’s logo but also with the recipient’s name. This is a great idea that shows how well the team thought about the gift. It’s the details that make the difference and everyone likes to have something unique and personal.

Promotional sales: Made Easy

Those responsible in corporate marketing departments know that offering gifts at events is an action that creates an experience beyond the actual gift. However, there are still many doubts about the distribution and selection of the best items.

Does it make sense to distribute promotional items indiscriminately?

There is still a distorted view that gift-giving is a random action seen as a waste of financial resources. The truth is that distribution without planning can be a huge loss.

It is therefore not worth investing in a gift and e.g. B. to sell in the first hours of an event. The right choice of an article depends on the audience, the theme of the event, etc. What you can’t do is distribute everything without criteria and leave a negative image when supplies run low.

How do you calculate the quantity?

Just as it is a bad habit to run out of gifts too early, so too is producing a much larger quantity than necessary, which weakens the argument of the marketing professionals weakens towards their superiors.

That’s why it’s important to know how to correctly calculate the number of articles for events so that the quantity is not an issue when measuring the results. First of all, the expectations of the audience must be estimated so that a fluctuation range can be calculated.

For example, at an event, some of the registered attendees typically don’t show up, while some of the people show up at the last minute. However, the number of partners, suppliers and organizers of the event and the company must also be included in the final calculation.

This also applies to the company’s employees, especially those who were involved in the development and implementation of the strategy. Use common sense to analyze which teams and divisions were closer, as it depends on the purpose of the campaign: whether it’s to attract external customers or target internal audiences.

Don’t forget to keep a copy of the promotional item to use as a reference for upcoming events. To summarize it:

  • Set all the details of the promotion before calculating the number of gifts.
  • Estimate the number of customers, partners, viewers, and employees who will receive the item.
  • Compare this data to historical data from previous and similar events.
  • Focus on the budget.
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