The fastest WordPress themes

For several years, Google has emphasized website speed as an essential criterion for good rankings. Do you know how fast your site is?

Have you liked a WordPress theme that does not meet the specifications of the chosen hosting or seems too slow?

This problem will be solved if you check our “Fastest WordPress Themes” list. You get quality, responsive design and dozens of functions while keeping the speed with which the site pages open.

Speed ​​is one of the signs creating the first impression among your blog or personal/corporate site visitors. 

You will retain potential customers if you provide lightning-fast access to your services.

Speed ​​is also an indexing factor. Let’s look at the fastest themes right now if you’ve settled on WordPress (we know most sites are on WordPress).

Generatepress – has a free version.

Site and demo

Undoubtedly, this is one of the best quality options, handling slow loading and poor optimization perfectly. 

If you are looking for a clean yet multi-functional template, Generatepress is the right solution for you. The theme is suitable for building personal blogs and company websites.

A free version of Generatepress is a good choice for small projects, but it will not satisfy your needs if you decide later to add variety and fresh ideas.

The paid version gives you everything you could want from a WordPress blog theme. It comes to you with an additional 15 modules you can enable and disable depending on their use factor. This way, you minimize the site’s weight and increase its loading speed.

Astra – has a free version.

Site and demo.

As a clear favorite for the first place, we have put the product of Brainstorm force. Astra is a lightweight WordPress theme that gives any web project a beautiful and stylish look. 

It is offered free of charge and comes with bonus extensions, providing maximum functionality and full coverage in search engines.

The theme is easily adaptable to different types of sites. 

Thanks to additional PRO extensions purchased separately, Astra can be adapted to standard corporate pages, online stores, product review sites, movies, books, modern-looking personal blogs, etc. 

The theme absorbs all the WordPress features but maintains an excellent loading speed that will hardly exceed the 1 second limit.

OceanWP – has a free version.

Site and demo

No, the ranking of the fastest WordPress themes does not end there. It’s the turn of OceanWP, a theme available for free download from the official WordPress site. 

Unlike dozens of other templates, OceanWP is extremely easy to install by non-professionals without requiring additional modification.

There are again two offers – a free and a premium version. The first variant comes to you with 7 extensions, including a custom slider, a social sharing option, quick embedding of content and widgets, and a plugin that shows recent posts.

The paid theme provides 11 more tools to help you create the most sustainable and user-friendly site possible. You can find more about premium plugins on the official OceanWP website.

Skin – There is a free version

Site and demo

And we have reserved the fourth position for the free WordPress theme – Skin. It is equal in speed to the other themes on the list, but its functions are significantly fewer in number. 

However, we can highlight several fantastic features that give it independence and do not require additional plugin installation. 

With the free theme comes 3 different layout styles, full WooCommerce support, and extensive customization covering every detail. Skin is a flexible theme giving lightning speed and an excellent interface.

We know how difficult it is to get to the final stage of choosing a suitable WordPress theme. This is due to the high standards set, but they are fully justified, and you are obliged to follow them. 

The design of a site and its functionality are criteria that determine the project’s further development. Increase the flow of new users using the fastest WordPress themes that will provide instant and reliable access to your services.

SCHEMA WordPress – 35$.

Site and demo

Well, as we know, not everything is free in this world. Schema is one of the most popular WordPress themes due to its clean design and adaptation to different devices. 

If you open the demo posted on Mythemeshop, you’ll notice two blog options and a custom online store. 

The Default theme is more loaded as it includes additional extensions and images. It is suitable for hosting plans with larger disk space and RAM of at least 1 GB. The theme is SEO friendly, with an included rating for your posts. 

This way, you will give more weight to the posts indexed by the search engines. Studies show that Google surfers often open links with a rating for themselves. An excellent option to increase the number of your future visitors. Schema is priced at $35.

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