What are the most popular types of marketing today?

Marketing is playing a more important role than ever in any business. Let’s learn about What is Marketing? What are the common types of Marketing?

What is Marketing?

Marketing – marketing – is simply understood as the process by which you perform activities to optimize, understand the desires of customers and market your products to customers. Or this is an activity that businesses will perform to satisfy the needs and desires of customers’ products and help businesses attract and connect with customers better.

The most popular types of marketing today

After understanding what Marketing is, let’s learn about the common types of Marketing in the next section of the article.

Outbound Marketing

Outbound Marketing is the form in which businesses will do marketing through external channels such as newspapers, television or phone calls, and direct emails to customers. Outbound Marketing is often a small part of a business’s overall marketing campaign. However, not every stage can use this type of Marketing.

Inbound Marketing

This is just a type of Marketing that focuses mainly on attracting target customers rather than sending ads to annoy them. Most of the plans involve Inbound Marketing will be Digital Marketing. The goal of this form is to help customers get positive values ​​and experiences, from which they will tend to choose products and services of the business when there is a need.

Traditional Marketing

This is a traditional form of Marketing, three of which often promote and introduce the brand on all information and entertainment channels before the internet appeared. This form will often rely on similar tactics to Outbound Marketing. For example, print newspapers, magazines, flyers, etc.

Digital Marketing

Is a form of marketing as opposed to Traditional Marketing. This form will take advantage of all marketing channels on the internet to reach users. Currently, Digital Marketing is a marketing trend used by many businesses today.

In Digital Marketing, there will be more specific types, including:

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM): This is the form in which you will market on search engines. Usually will include SEO and PPC activities.
  • Content Marketing: This is an important marketing tool in the form of Inbound Marketing and Digital Marketing. Including creating content to attract potential customers.
  • Social Media Marketing: Advertising and marketing on social networking platforms, where more potential customers are concentrated.
  • Video Marketing: Advertising and marketing through videos shared on Digital Marketing channels.
  • Email Marketing: Connect with customers by sending useful information via email. Usually suitable for units selling B2B products and services.

Influencer Marketing

This is a fairly new form of Marketing today if you search about what types of Marketing are. Influencer Marketing is the process by which you advertise your products and services through influential people in the community.

Influencers can include famous stars, singers, actors, etc. But they can also include content creators with large followings. You will need to pay attention to products, services and potential customers to choose the right Influencer.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a very popular and explosive form of marketing today. This form allows your products and services to reach customers through appropriate product distribution channels.

Employees Affiliate Marketing will be the business selling the product to share a certain commission when the customer buys the product from the affiliate link they share. Therefore, with the spirit of win-win cooperation, this is still one of the marketing forms many businesses are applying.

Word of Mouth Marketing

As a form of word-of-mouth marketing, it is considered the most reliable form of marketing. This form manifests in the fact that the customer will be the one to promote and introduce your products to other customers. To create a strong viral, you need to satisfy the wants and satisfy needs of the customers first. This will create more loyal customers.

Event Marketing

A form of marketing through the organization of events, thereby promoting products, brands and services of businesses. Many units will continue to carry out Event Marketing as speakers, others will organize it as an entertainment program, or sponsor a certain program.

Hopefully, with today’s article, you have a better understanding of the concept of what is Marketing, as well as what are the common types of marketing.

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