What is TikTok Business? 4 benefits of TikTok Business

One of the concepts you need to pay attention to when using TikTok to advertise is TikTok Business. So, What is TikTok Business? The following article by we will help you better understand the concept of TikTok Business.

What is TikTok Business?

TikTok Business is a tool and solution that helps advertisers, content creators or businesses more easily manage and optimize advertising campaigns, and monitor and evaluate effectiveness. This is the only marketing format that businesses can use TikTok to be able to create short promotional videos like the original TikTok.

What are the types of content in TikTok Business?

Currently, there are 5 types of content in TikTok Business as follows:

  • Top-view Ads: These are short videos that will appear once a day. It will show up as soon as the user opens the app for the first time.
  • In-feed Ads: Will appear on the user’s discovery page, also known as the “For You” page. These videos will usually be interpreted according to TikTok’s distribution algorithm.
  • Branded Hashtag: An advertisement that businesses can use and create trends on TikTok. With this ad, businesses will often encourage Tiktokers to create content with hashtags about that brand.
  • Brand Takeover: This is an integrated advertising format including Top-view, In-feed and Brand Hashtag formats deployed at the same time.
  • Branded Effects: A form of advertising where the brand will create stickers and filters to encourage TikTokers to use them and create content, spreading advertising for the brand.

What are the benefits of using TikTok Business?

After understanding what TikTok Business is, you will probably wonder what the benefits of using TikTok Business are, and why should you use TikTok Business. Here are some suggestions of benefits that you can refer to:

Consistent with user behaviour change

Currently, user behaviour on social networking platforms is changing drastically. The trend of online shopping is becoming more and more popular, if not dominant in the shopping behaviour of users.

The Department of E-commerce and Digital Economy has also recorded that nearly 45 million people are participating in e-commerce and the value of online shopping has reached an average of $225 per month. In that change, businesses need to constantly change the more appropriate marketing directions. TikTok Business is one of those trends.

Following the general trend of Marketing

The trend of social networking is becoming more and more explosive, especially TikTok is one of the marketing channels and social networks that are noticed and have a strong growth rate. This application has reached more than 2 billion downloads worldwide, of which more than 41% are people born after 1996.

This sudden growth of TikTok has created a trend of increasing short video ads. Therefore, the use of TikTok Business is one of the effective management and operation tools to help optimize advertising activities following this trend.

Many creative tools and design features at TikTok Business also make it easy for users to implement effective marketing campaigns. Besides, with a reasonable cost, TikTok Business also helps businesses to optimize the overall effectiveness of marketing activities.

Easy to understand, easy to use, easy to get results

Besides the above benefits, TikTok Business is also considered to be easy to use and immediately deploy marketing campaigns. You only need to register after a few steps to be able to start your ad campaign. Besides, TikTok Business also makes it easy for you to track results quickly and optimize faster.

Some other benefits of TikTok Business

Besides the above benefits, TikTok Business also brings other advantages when you choose to advertise on this platform. Eg:

  • Reach the audience faster and easier to carry viral effects. You may not even need to spend money on advertising to get more exposure if your video content is engaging and engaging.
  • Higher user interaction, according to statistics, users usually spend 858 minutes per month using TikTok. Therefore, this is a platform to help you increase brand awareness effectively.
  • Bringing more opportunities for breakthroughs and better content creation for businesses.
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