What is TikTok Marketing? Should I implement TikTok Marketing?

With a record of more than 1 billion users by 2021, TikTok is the most developed social networking platform today. Therefore, the trend of TikTok Marketing is becoming more and more popular. Let’s Viecmarketing Learn about this trend now.

What is TikTok Marketing?

TikTok Marketing is the process of using TikTok content to promote your brand, products, and services to consumers. This is one of the new Digital Marketing techniques today chosen and used by many businesses because of its great virality.

Implementing marketing strategies on TikTok will need to use many different tactics. Like your choice of influencer marketing, creating viral videos or running ads with TikTok Ads.


implement TikTok Marketing?

So, should businesses use TikTok Marketing or not? The answer is yes. Because currently, the TikTok platform has the following advantages:

  • As a new and highly innovative platform, it is easy to attract a large number of users.
  • TikTok is a combination of content and audio elements. This helps your viewers and potential customers to access products, services, and brands at a more interesting and attractive level.
  • Content when created and deployed on TikTok often goes viral better than on other platforms. Especially when you catch the trend of this platform.
  • You can post and create viral videos, reaching millions of viewers without paying. This is one of the benefits of doing marketing on this platform. Of course, the key to creating this benefit still comes from creating good content.
  • Suitable for brands whose customer group is the young generation, between the ages of 18 and 34.

5 steps to implement Marketing on Tiktok effectively

So, how to implement TikTok Marketing effectively, the following 5 steps will be useful for you:

Step 1 – Create a TikTok account

To make ads on this platform, you need a TikTok account. You can easily find many tutorials on how to create right on the internet platform. However, you should pay attention to emphasize the following issues:

  • Profile photo/video: Select high-resolution files.
  • Name: Choose the right brand name – the direction you want.
  • Update the bio section for a quick summary of your brand or business.
  • Add full information, and connect with other social networking platforms according to the instructions from TikTok.

Step 2 – Determine your desired audience

Similar to marketing on other social media platforms, for TikTok, you also have to define who your target audience is. If you let the reach is too large, the engagement level is high, but it will reduce the conversion and registration rates more than focusing on the desired audience. And this means more for your business.

Step 3 – Producing Video Content

Once you’ve identified your desired audience, start creating quality TikTok videos. You can start by:

  • Research from reality, research from competitors.
  • Check out the information on TikTok’s discovery page to determine what issues and content are trending on the platform.
  • Use hashtags to increase the virality of your videos.

Step 4 – Exploiting forms of TikTok Marketing

Besides producing good content, you can also do other forms of marketing on this platform. Eg:

  • Use ads – TikTok ads in your ad campaigns.
  • Exploit the potential from Influencers, TikTokers to reach more potential customers.

Step 5 – Effective Feedback Tracking

Any marketing campaign requires feedback monitoring and adjustments. For advertising campaigns deployed on Tiktok, you also need to refer to the analysis data from this platform. The metrics you need to look out for may include:

  • How many video views?
  • What is the growth rate of the channel?
  • How many videos are trending?
  • Video engagement rate?
  • What is the average video watch time?

Hope you now understand more about TikTok Marketing, what is it and how should it be implemented. 

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