Why are stocks so great?

I’ve been thinking about what makes me so obsessed with stocks and the next big return. The following post is markedly different than usual and nothing but pocket philosophy.

To the curious reader: that is not me in the above picture. I have a wider ass, it doesn’t suit me with a hat and I hate getting the sun in my eyes. Then it’s in place.

I have just opened an energy drink and it must be consumed in combination with a strong cup of coffee. My son has slept for several hours and my beautiful wife is also on her way to bed. Why don’t I just go to bed too?

I am sitting in front of the screen and have slowly started to write a post about the stocks I own with the highest risk.

As I have written a few lines, a thought crosses my mind. I get goosebumps when I think about what originally drove me to buy my first stock, the pursuit of financial independence.

I have been chasing millions and financial independence from a very young age. When I was 10 years old, I bought a lot of sunglasses and polo shirts from Spain to sell on.

The following year we were in Tunisia on holiday and here I bought a lot of gold with me to sell on.

The following year we were in the Czech Republic and I bought “cough, weapons” to sell on. This was probably my fastest sale ever, because I grew up in  Europe 🙂

Before it gets too boring and chattering romantically, my point is probably just that I’ve been focused on making a good deal and making a penny for two. As a result, I have also owned several different companies at very different levels.

When I was 18, I asked my father if he would introduce me to stocks. He wanted to, but demanded that I examine and research which companies I wanted to own and, not least, that I could argue why.

I had no idea where to start, but still ended up choosing Novo Nordic as one of them. I “passed” his little test and he opened up about his knowledge.

At the time, Novo Nordic was at an all-time high rate and I found it difficult to believe that anything at the top could rise further. My father told me that it could easily be done and Novo Nordic therefore became my first share.

Very shortly after, my Novo shares rose significantly due to their Victoza approval and I was sold. I knew the stock market could make me rich sooner or later and I no longer needed to buy things home to sell on.

Since that day, I have been completely obsessed with the stock market and spend countless hours on it around the clock. Think that there is an opportunity where knowledge, insight and a bit of luck can make you financially independent.

There is NOTHING stopping you from getting rich in the stock market. Discipline, patience and insight are all that is required. Regardless of the path you have chosen in life, I would advise anyone and everyone to always invest in shares.

The lower the amount you have to invest for, the more patience you should have. It is only at the beginning that it is slow. Believe me, I have experienced the snowball roll myself. And it rolls on unless you start working against it by being impatient and pulling money out of the stock market.

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